Current Project Involvement

Mattagami Water Pollution Control Plant Upgrade to Secondary Treatment
City of Timmins
Scheduled Completion: September 2015

MattagamiThis job includes the construction and installation of new aeration tanks, fine bubble aeration blowers and a diffuser. The upgrade also involves some secondary tanks and sludge collectors, scum and sludge pumping. A new secondary treatment building will be built to house a new raw sewage pumping station. Also included will be upgrades to digesters, screening and grit, modification to the existing piping and installation of associated new piping.

Whitney-Tisdale Sanitary System Upgrades
City of Timmins
Scheduled Completion: 2016

whitneyAt the Whitney-Tisdale Sanitary System Upgrades site, Pro Pipe Construction is working on providing and installing four self-priming centrifugal sewage pumps, including all of the associated appurtenances. Workers are also commissioning sewage pumps and train operators in operation and maintenance of the pumps.

Wanapitei Water Treatment Plant and Intake Pumphouse Phase 2 Upgrades
City of Greater Sudbury
Scheduled Completion: 2015

wanapiteiThis job requires a variety of supply and installations. Workers are expected to fully upgrade the Intake Pumping Station with the best supplies and repair damaged parts. With regards to the Treatment Plant, workers will demolish, remove and replace existing filter and blower piping, control valves, fittings, and appurtenances. Upgrades to the lime storage bin including new dust collection system, vibration system, and sonar measuring device are also included.

Kapuskasing Education Centre Steam Conversion
District School Board Ontario North East (DSB1)
Scheduled Completion: 2016

KapuskasingThe scope of work for this project includes the removal of three (3) low pressure steam boilers auxiliary equipment and replacement of the heating mains and heating elements/coils where applicable. The project will be completed in two phases. Phase I: Prepare for the conversion of block E & F to hot water heat system. Phase II: Removal of existing steam boilers and replacement with four (4) hot water condensing boilers. Convert steam heating elements & coils to hot water and/or glycol.

Victor M. Power Airport Water Supply Upgrades
City of Timmins
Scheduled Completion: 2015

This water supply upgrade consists of demolition of existing equipment, well head improvements, supply and installation of water pumping & sodium hypochlorite disinfection systems and associated mechanical piping and controls.

Project Experience

New Kirkland Lake Wastewater Treatment Plant
Corporation of the Town of Kirkland Lake
Project Completion: October 2014

KirklandThe new Kirkland Lake Wastewater Treatment Plant was constructed with a capacity of 13 680 m cubed/d average daily flow and 40 890 m cubed/d peak flow. Work included construction of new headworks area, new filtration and UV disinfection area, 2 aeration tank and circular clarifier structures, Administration and Process building, Dewatering Building, new aerated sludge holding tanks, and new plant effluent pipe and outfall structure. The new wastewater treatment plant was in full operation in 2014.

High Lift and Sewage Pump Replacement and Electrical Upgrades
Township of Chapleau
Project Completion: April 2014

This job included pump upgrades at the existing Chapleau Water Treatment Plant (WTP), Riverside Drive Sewage Pumping Station (PS) and Dufferin Street Pumping Station (PS) and coordination of by-pass sewage pumping.

Milton WWTP Effluent Pumps and Header Replacement
Regional Municipality of Halton
Project Completion: November 2012

The Milton WWTP job included supply, installation and testing of new effluent pumps and header replacement in an active plant without disruption.

City of Timmins New Goldmine Road Pressure Regulating Building – Upgrades to Tisdale Reservoir
City of Timmins
Project Completion: February 2012

GoldmineThis job included upgrades to the Tisdale Reservoir that involved all new booster pumps, stainless-steel piping, valves, and flow meters.

Sudbury Wastewater Treatment Plant Lift Station Upgrades
City of Great Sudbury
Project Completion: December 2011

This job involved the demolition and removals of process and mechanical equipment, as well as the installation of 2 (two) 525 HP Submersible Pumps, 6 (six) Raw Sewage Forcemains, and 1(one) Equalization Line.  We also supplied and installed 2 (two) Mechanical Bar Screens and a Dry Well Sump Pump. Lift Station HVAC upgrade, and all stainless steel components, process piping, plumbing and instruments were completed through our team.

Eastern Wastewater Treatment Plant
City of Saint John
Project Completion: October 2011

St johnThe project is located at the Hazen Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant on Red Head Road in Saint John, NB. The work included construction of a 35 000 cubic meter per day sewage treatment plant and decommissioning and demolition of the plant that had once existed there. Materials such as concrete, masonry, precast roof, reinforced concrete foundations and tankage, waterproofing, miscellaneous metals and building finishes were used throughout the process. Labour included the supply and installation of preliminary treatment equipment, primary clarifiers, aeration tanks, secondary clarifiers, UV equipment, process equipment, soda ash systems, aeration diffusers, bio-filter system, commissioning and installation of mechanical and electrical services, including a new three phase power services. Three buildings were built with construction including office/lab/locker finishes, masonry block and brick veneer construction, metal frames, doors, glazing, roofing and other building construction. On site, workers completed underground valves and piping, excavation, backfilling, clearing, grubbing, stabilization site grading, paving, seeding, sodding, fencing, demolition and reinstatement.

Moose Deer Point Water Treatment, Elevated Water Storage and Distribution System
Moose Deer Point First Nation
Project Completion: September 2010

Moose Deer PointThe Moose Deer Point Water Treatment, Elevated Water Storage and Distribution job included the construction of a new water treatment plant and reservoir including all process equipment and HVAC systems.

Smith Falls New Construction – Aquadaf Water Treatment Plant with AWI Filters
Town of Smith Falls
Project Completion: June 2010

The Smith Falls job included the new construction activities comprising of a Degremont Aquadaf Water Treatment Facility utilizing the patented AWI filter underdrain systems and Ultraviolet for secondary disinfection.

City of Timmins Mattagami River WPCP De-Chlorination
City of Timmins
Project Completion: January 2010

The Mattagami River WPCP De-Chlorination job in Timmins included the Installation of a sodium bisulphate dosing system. Pro Pipe constructed building to house SBS storage, dosing controls and metering pumps and made modifications to the chlorine contact tank #1.

London New Wonderland Pumping Station
City of London
Project Completion: January 2010

new wonderlandThis included the construction of a new wastewater pumping system and upgrades to the existing Dingman Creek Booster Station.

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